Bus driver one hand to drive the phone to stop 17 stations will be fined 100 yuan

Reporters view the users upload the video

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Xinjiang 's ninth party congress held today to open the provincial party committee opening

On the last round of the party congress held in 14 provinces of the party committee plenary session to determine the new round of party congress held time

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Deputy commander of the Guangzhou Military Region Wang Zhimin any deputy commander of the Second Artillery Corps

Deputy general commander of the Guangzhou Military Region

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The Obama alliance aligns with fighter air strikes against US anti - terrorism focus on ISIS

US military fighters since August 8 in Iraq in the air strikes

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Xi Jinping Saudi trip: a landmark visit

Saudi Arabia was the first Arab country after Xi Jinping served as Chinese president

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Henan County issued a bride price guide standard: the total shall not be higher than 60,000 yuan

【Document】 requires the villagers wedding bride price is not higher than 60,000 yuan on December 27, 2016

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Yunnan regulates Sino - Vietnamese border trafficking in wildlife market

Public servants drove to eat wild animals

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The first central level bus auction drop hammer 106 bus all shoot

The first bus auction on the 25th in Beijing drop hammer

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Beijing district deflagration of the elderly the day before yesterday passed the 77th birthday

Site one to six-story balcony damage to a number of windows glass was shattered Beiqing reporter at the scene of the accident to see

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Fuzheng salvage the shipwreck to have difficulty hulling time or later than expected

The whole righteous lifting process takes about 5 hours

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German firefighters have the lowest income

Volunteer firefighters in Germany include adult firefighters and teenage firefighters

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The Ministry of Defense responded to the recent intensive military exercise of the Japanese Self Defense Force

Yang Yujun said that Japan and the United States, the Philippines recently held a joint military exercise

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A Sangqi Embassy 4 years of refugee British celebrities to participate in commemorative activities

British Supreme Court ruled that extradition A Sangqi to Sweden

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Sichuan more than the village suspected of eating alcohol-based fuel has 2 dead 19 people admitted to hospital

Suspected of eating alcohol-based fuels appear the above symptoms admitted to hospital

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PetroChina Changqing Oilfield crude oil pipeline several times leaked the person in charge was interviewed

Requiring enterprises to identify the cause of the leak as soon as possible

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Beijing tomorrow big cooling users: Qiu pants turned out to shock the stock market

The highest temperature in North China is 12 ℃ to 13 ℃

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Tibet Gillon: the country guards left 21 "suicide note" to keep the earthquake area

Jilong Border Inspection Station has received a stay of some officers and men adhere to the country

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Japan Kagoshima down 50 years of rainstorm meteorological department issued an early warning

Kagoshima Prefecture will also reduce rainfall by 70 mm per hour

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State Taiwan Office to discuss Hong Suzhu abuse veterans: all condemnation worth pondering

On June 15, the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman, An Fengshan, said today that when Hong Suzhu's abuse of the Kuomintang veterans

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Li Keqiang: Creating a Good Environment for the Public to Develop and Develop New

Li Keqiang listened to the reform of the commercial system and the growth of new enterprises, especially small micro enterprises

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