Pass "Baiyun Airport fire" official rumor: near the bubble factory fire

Fire building is a single-layer frame structure foam factory
@ Guangzhou fire (Guangzhou Public Security Fire Department official microblogging) October 30 12:52 release microblogging said, at 11:21 on October 30, Guangzhou City, 119 command center received an alarm, Huadu District Huashan East Lake Village Village committee near the bubble factory fire, immediately transferred out of the four police fire squadron, two government full-time fire brigade a total of 14 fire engines rushed to the scene disposal. Fire building for a single-layer structure of the foam factory, construction area of ​​about 800 square meters, the main combustion insulation foam, the current fire has been extinguished, the firefighters are cleaning the fire. Before the network "airport fire" for the misinformation, the fire location for the airport direction of the East Lake Village, please do not panic, not rumors, do not believe rumors.

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