Spring and Autumn airliner landed in Changzhou when the release of the slide airport response

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Flight information screenshots Spring and Autumn Airliner Spring and Autumn Airliner User comments User comments at the intersection point news 31, there are friends microblogging broke the news, the Spring and Autumn Airways number B-1840 A320 aircraft in the morning landing Changzhou Airport when the release of the slide, the flight 9C8732 flight just Nagoya arrives in Changzhou. In addition, there is a microblogging official certification for the Spring Airlines flight attendants, ID as "stars __Isabella" users in the article broke the message in the message, saying "news spread fast enough", or indirectly confirmed the matter. According to the meeting, the reporter learned that the airport has confirmed the occurrence of the matter, said the current airport is actively cooperate with the delay after the passenger service and interpretation of the work, and actively coordinate the airline as soon as possible to solve the problem, to ensure that travel is not affected by the greater impact. At present, the specific circumstances of the intersection of civil aviation science: on the emergency rescue ladder emergency life-saving slide referred to as slide, by the slide, inflatable bottles, connecting rod and operating handle, etc., folding mosaic installed in the cabin door, emergency door internal. When the aircraft is on the ground, the slide handle is placed in the release position and the slide is not released when the door is opened. When the airplane starts to slide, the crew will place the slide handle in the ready position. When the plane encounters an emergency Situation, the crew opened the door at the same time the slide automatically out of the cabin, in a few seconds to complete the inflatable process to facilitate the passengers and crew to flee the plane. The emergency recovery of the aircraft's emergency slides is a very complicated process. First need to send the workshop to check whether the damage leak, if the damage needs to be discarded, the cost of no less than hundreds of thousands. Slide itself, if no damage, need to restore the pressure with the provisions of high pressure cylinders, the slide folding recovery. The whole process is extremely rigorous and complex, slide folding packaging molding, the need for special heavy pressure to make it to the standard size, only the process takes 4-5 days. Labor, materials, equipment, such as loss of material plus no less than tens of thousands of dollars. The release of the slide, the aircraft itself is not hurt. However, the first flight will be delayed, and the delay time of more than 4 hours, the airline will compensate passengers; second unfinished period without slippery cabin door can not be used, which means the need to reduce the carrier, because the number of passengers The doors are safe and the third refurbished slide takes a lot of money. After the incident netizens broke the news of various models of emergency facilities price: 737 main slide 80,000; 320 main slide 9 million 2, the wing 70,000; 330 main slide 190,000, emergency exit 150,000; 777 20-25 million ; 380 of about 300,000. If only the emergency door no slide According to the "Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China" "Civil Aviation Law of the People's Republic of China" "People's Republic of China Aviation Safety and Defense Ordinance" and other relevant laws and regulations, the public security organs on the "flight" forced open emergency door, a serious threat Flight safety and other illegal acts will be disposed of. Unlawful theft, intentional damage or unauthorized use of life-saving items and equipment. At the same time, according to the "Public Security Administration Punishment Law", the circumstances may also be punishable by a security detention and fines and other penalties. Endangering flight safety and other serious consequences, may be held under the criminal responsibility. Xiaobian in this reminder: the plane must be careful to understand and comply with the provisions of the civil aviation, do not give yourself trouble. There are always a bunch of wonderful reasons for putting slides. On March 30, 2012, Sanya fly Chongqing's Sichuan Airlines 3U8759 flight in the taxi, a 40-year-old female passengers want to go to the toilet, from the seat to the rear of the aircraft safety door, the security door as the toilet door open. After being determined to bear the main responsibility for the accident and compensation. Very curious on December 16, 2013, Nanning fly Chongqing G52652 flight landing docking bar after the bridge, a man found a security door with a red handle, heart curiosity, secretly pulled the wrench, resulting in the security gate cracked about 1 cm seam. The man was detained for 5 days. Want to breathe December 14, 2014, Xiamen Airlines MF8453 ready to take off in Hangzhou, the left wing on a nearly 50-year-old man, suddenly opened the security door. After the man explained that "just want to breathe."

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