Hebei and more heavy rain hit the Taihang Mountains nearly ten thousand people transferred

The heavy rain caused the landslide in some parts of the Taihang Mountains in western Hebei
Hebei suffered the most rain since the flood season issued a red rain early warning. (Reporter Xiao Guangming Wang Tian translation Zhang Pengxiang) July 18, the heavy rain, the rainstorm, the rain, the water, the water, the water, the water, the water, the water, the water, the water, the water, Raid in Hebei. Hebei Provincial Meteorological Bureau since 19, three times to upgrade the rainstorm warning, 20 at 11 o'clock, continue to release the rain red warning signal. The heavy rain caused the process of the western part of Hebei Taihang Mountains landslides occurred, many reservoirs flood discharge. According to Xingtai City official news, heavy rain caused Xingtai City, the western Taihang Mountains in the former South Valley, Lu Luo flood danger. 20 at 3 am, Xingtai City Flood Control Office decided to Zhuzhuang Reservoir, Lincheng Reservoir began flood discharge. Heavy rain also caused Xingtai County slurry town Dazhai village, Li Guanzhuang village villagers were flooded. At present, Xingtai City fire officers and soldiers have rushed to the scene to rescue. At present, located in Pingshan County, Hebei Province, Taihang Mountains in the part of the township landline phone has been paralyzed, part of the township power interruption, blocked roads, across the Pingshan County, the river river water only one meter away from the bridge. In addition, according to the Taihang Mountains in Handan County, the official news, the heavy rain caused by the county's small Watershed and along the village of all serious damage, traffic disruption, many landslides, communications paralysis. Handan Zhixian County town of West Village villagers Zhao Jianping said that the ground began to rain at 4:00 on the 19th, 19 at 8 am flash floods, near the Huanglong River houses washed away by the flood, livestock, agricultural machinery, etc. have also been large Water washed away. Wang Jinzhuang, Zhangjiazhuang, Yinhe well tunnel according to the varying degrees of falling stone, landslides. The village is currently water, power, can not communicate with the outside world, can only walk out of the mountain village. At present, Shexian town shop town cadres are climbing to the village. According to the local official notification of Hebei, as at 17:00 on the 19th, Hebei Province, Handan City, the torrential disaster threatened areas have been transferred to 3747 people, Xingtai City has been safe transfer of people 5028 people. 20, Hebei Provincial Department of Land and Resources and the Hebei Provincial Meteorological Bureau jointly issued a geological disaster orange warning: 20 days in the day, Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang City, western mountains, Xingtai City, western mountains, the northern mountainous area of ​​Handan City landslide, collapse, debris flow and other geological disasters High risk.

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